Albayan Scientific Organization
organization for civil society and its development


Albayan Scientific Organization : A voluntary national organization registered in the Humanitarian Aid Commission in accordance with the Sudanese Voluntary and Humanitarian Work's Act of 2006. Albayan Scientific Organiztion is based on the idea which was established in March 2008. It was the result of deliberations among a group of young people, Only gathered by the desire to carry out voluntary humanitarian work and these deliberations lead to the establishment of Albayan Scientific Organization in 2009, which developed in its approach and structures and nature of activities and membership to continue the activity at the lowest cost and still corners converge and public relations mocking for more good The organization has established partnerships and understandings with counterpart organizations. A branch was established in Al-Jazira State /Al-Hasahisa governorate/Tabat El Sheikh Abdul-Mahmoud town in 2009. The branch contributed to the activities that made the organization a foothold in Al-Jazira State and hope that the arms of the organization will spread throughout the country.

The branch of the White Nile State, which was established in early December 2016 is considered an important one  and hope to be a real addition to the field of  humanitarian and voluntary work.


The responsibility of voluntarism remains a matter of choice on the basis of its designation, yet a small group does not give up voluntarism because of the firm conviction and principles they have given themselves, so it is active in the field of voluntary work and is aware of the greatness of things and the capacity of those involved in a voluntary, scientific and symbiotic organization. Al-Bayan Scientific Organization represents one of the voluntary and humanitarian work streams that are concerned with the scientific, health, cultural, advocacy and educational aspects besides human development, raising the capabilities of families and working to raise their standard of living in order to reach social welfare. Takaful is a characteristic of voluntary work, Voluntary and Humanitarian Work Department.

Human resources are not only used as tools but also as an end, a means and a training tool in the performance of their duty to inspire the voluntary nature of humanitarian activities in all areas.
We are aware that it is not only because it contributes to the development of more effective elements, but also keeps all options open to determine the voluntary and national leadership of which the responsibility lies. On official and popular events and society.
Therefore, we at Al-Bayan Scientific Organization aim to continue the voluntary and national work and develop it so as to contribute to the building of a human society that embodies the meaning of decent living in the light of ethics and safeguarding the society and directing its arms to benefit the country and the people.


The organization sees that voluntary work stand on the developmental approach and scheduling tasks in a way that makes it and auxiliary work for guaranteeing the continuity and utilization of its resources to achieve its sustainability; thus means opening wide its doors to the world and break all the reasons of discrimination and create stability which would result in the dominion of the voluntary work over production and services, executing them in parallelism with other life tasks


Human Being is Creative and Able to Overcome All Challenges As soon as the will, planning and management are available, the organization hopes to utilize and organize the disseminated voluntary spirit in Sudanese society, which include the flour, the walnuts and the fund to the civil voluntary institutions. This is through the human cadre who draws the lessons through his duty and develops himself. The environment develops a compromise between knowledge, values and related work.


Reflect the principle of voluntary and humanitarian work.

Education, training and development.

Health and elementary health care.

Social welfare (Orphans, Treatment, Students, Legal Support)

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